WVU Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

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My objective was to bring awareness to WVU’s more than 200 graduate programs. My first goal was to build a digital strategy that included both a social strategy as well as content strategy that not only brought awareness to graduate programs, but also be used as a recruitment tool. Then I identified bottlenecks in our communications systems, opportunities in our digital marketing efforts and created a customer journey to identify key touch points between the University and the applicant. I had to build the infrastructure on which these platforms where dependent so they could be sustainable and trackable.

• Marketing- Facebook Campaigns, Google Adwords, Email
• Remarketing campaigns for users further down the conversion funnel
• Communication Plans- 200+ communication plans to support applicants (depending on their program of interest determined their communication plan)
• Communications- consistent internal communication to graduate recruiters and program contacts

• Facebook grew from 275 to 13,000 (of which 390 have created applications to apply to WVU)
• Facebook content reached more than 2.8 million people and help share and spread content
• Facebook content drove 232,000 clicks to WVU properties and related content
• More than 50,000 referrals to WVU program websites
• Google Adwords - 2000 clicks that brought applicants into WVU ecosystem
• Email- more than 3000 applicants had there questions answered to help them finish the application process.
• Increase in completion rate of applications
• Increase in time of completion of applications
• Increase in admittance rate

All of these statistics were possible by creating tracking and conversions that crossed platforms (Facebook, Google, Hobsons(CRM)) to ensure applicants had customer support during the application process.

On going monitoring and tracking
• Created Data Dashboard to monitor website traffic and conversions
• Created tagging system for outbound links to show how we support programs
• Created custom conversions for Facebook pixel to monitor campaigns and results
• Campaigns, google analytics and Facebook pixels with all marketing efforts