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Beyond the numbers, I was able to help facilitate a direct connection with the alumni association and newly minted alumni by incorporating the alumni magazine at commencement instead of several months later- when normal point of contact would happen. Many of the videos created for the site have been re-purposed by different departments in at the University including admissions. The work have helped build a bridge to what potential students could experience at WVU. Besides a website, there were marketing materials including posters, print advertisements and pop ups. There was also a very large social media push to Facebook, Twitter and Storify.

Problem- A lot of time and effort go into creating the magazine and updating the website. University Relations wanted to see if there was a way to increase web traffic.

Solution- Change presentation of web content. The website used to be a .pdf on the website issuu.com. This was embedded on the website. The presentation of issuu made it difficult to call out specific sections of the magazine to interest people. The other problem with issuu was that you can’t embed video or multimedia content easily.

We had the alumni magazine delivered to commencement for newly minted alumni. The magazine were on their seats as they arrived. We redesigned the website and made sure the website was mobile friendly. Then we marketed specific stories to alumni, friends and legislators.

Results- Nearly matched the websites first three years of total traffic in the first month of the relaunch of the website. Multimedia content was viewed more than 7,000 times. The site has more than 46,000 views to date. An increase of 104%. More than 35,000 new visitors. 25% of viewership is from mobile devices. More than 5,000 social referrals.